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Organization Science, 20(5)

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Organization Science 

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Experiencing the Improbable: Rare Events and Organizational Learning
Joseph Lampel, Jamal Shamsie, and Zur Shapira [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learning Through Rare Events: Significant Interruptions at the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum
Marlys K. Christianson, Maria T. Farkas, Kathleen M. Sutcliffe, and Karl E. Weick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

These Lives Will Not Be Lost in Vain: Organizational Learning from Disaster in U.S. Coal Mining
Peter M. Madsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attentional Triangulation: Learning from Unexpected Rare Crises
Claus Rerup [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Superstitious Learning with Rare Strategic Decisions: Theory and Evidence from Corporate Acquisitions
Maurizio Zollo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Experiencing Rare and Unusual Events Richly: The Role of Middle Managers in Animating and Guiding Organizational Interpretation
Tammy E. Beck and Donde Ashmos Plowman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perspective–Cognitive Reactions to Rare Events: Perceptions, Uncertainty, and Learning
William H. Starbuck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]