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Journal of Consumer Marketing, 26(6)

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Journal of Consumer Marketing 

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The marketing myths and consumers’ fear of marketing
Herbert Jack Rotfeld [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

To buy or not to buy? A social dilemma perspective on green buying
Shruti Gupta, Denise T. Ogden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Limited influence of loyalty program membership on relational outcomes
Russell Lacey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do credit card redemption reward programs work in China? An empirical study
Matthew Tingchi Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gender differences in information search: implications for retailing
Nelson Barber, Tim Dodd, Natalia Kolyesnikova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stock ownership as a motivation of brand-loyal and brand-supportive behaviors
Jaakko Aspara [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer perceptions of own brands: international differences
John R. Anchor, Terezie Kour?ilov  [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ten tips to winning at consumer centricity: for retailers and manufacturers
Brian Ross [Publisher] [Google Scholar]