Normand Consumption Research Colloquium


9th Normand Consumption Research Colloquium, Rouen, France, 25-26 Mar 2010, Facilitated by Jo?l Br?e and ?ric Remy; Deadline 22 Dec

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9ème Journées Normandes de Recherches sur la Consommation
Rouen Business School | IAE de Rouen | IAE Caen

Call for papers

The 9th Normand Consumption Research colloquium
Theme: Societies and Consumption
Mars 25th & 26th, 2010
ROUEN Business School

Normand Consumption Research Colloquium 2010


The main objective of the colloquium is to regroup original research on consumption as a social phenomenon (such as Consumer Research or Consumption Studies).

This positioning on apprehension and understanding of consumption culture favours a multidisciplinary approach using the contribution of marketing, sociology, psychology, history,anthropology or ethnology.

A particular focus will be given to papers dealing with young consumers (children, teenagers, and young adults). The objective is to organize one or more sessions dealing with this topic.


Research, conceptual and discussion papers are welcomed and participation is encouraged from academics, practitioners, researchers and Phd students. Papers may be drawn from, but not restricted to, following areas:

  • Consumption groups
  • Material culture
  • Specific or general consumption history
  • Buying behaviour
  • Consumption decision making
  • Store outlets frequenting and animation
  • Marketing application to new consumption areas (entertainment, culture, sport…)
  • Social and public services consumption
  • Postmodernity and consumption,
  • Etc…

Scientific Committee


  • Pr Abdelmajid AMINE (Université Paris 12)
  • Pr Olivier BADOT (ESCP Europe & IAE de Caen)
  • Pr Joël BREE (IAE de Caen & Rouen Business School)
  • Dr Sandra CAMUS (IAE de Rouen & Rouen Business School)
  • Pr Franck COCHOY (Université Toulouse 2)
  • Dr Bernard COVA (Pr Euromed Marseille)
  • Pr Denis DARPY (Université Paris Dauphine)
  • Pr Jean-Claude DAUMAS (Université de Franche-Comté)
  • Pr Véronique Des GARETS (IAE de Tours)
  • Pr Christian DERBAIX (Louvain School of management, Mons)
  • Pr Dominique DESJEUX (Université Paris VSorbonne)
  • Pr Pierre DESMET (Université Paris Dauphine & ESSEC)
  • Pr Pierre-Louis DUBOIS (Université Paris II)
  • Dr Pascale EZAN (Université de Rouen & Rouen Business School)
  • Pr Marc FILSER (Université de Bourgogne)
  • Pr Marie-Hélène FOSSE-GOMEZ (Université Lille Nord de France)
  • Pr Jean-Luc GIANNELLONI (Université de Savoie)
  • Dr Benoît HEILBRUNN (ESCP Europe)
  • Pr Denis GUIOT (Université Paris Dauphine)
  • Pr Richard LADWEIN (IAE de Lille)
  • Dr Chantal Lai (Rouen Business School)
  • Pr Pascal LARDELIER (Université de Bourgogne)
  • Pr Jean-François LEMOINE (Université Paris I)
  • Pr Alain LORET (Université de Rouen)
  • Pr Gérald ORANGE (IAE de Rouen)
  • Dr Nil ÖZCAGLAR-TOULOUSE (Université Lille Nord de France)
  • Pr Suzanne PONTIER (Université Paris 12)
  • Pr Jean-Pierre POULAIN (Université Toulouse 2)
  • Pr Bernard PRAS (Université Paris Dauphine & ESSEC)
  • Dr Éric REMY (IAE de Rouen)
  • Pr Elyette ROUX (IAE d’Aix en Provence & ESSEC)
  • Pr Elisabeth TISSIER-DESBORDES (ESCP Europe)
  • Pr Bertrand URIEN (IAE de Brest)
  • Pr Eric VERNETTE (ESUG-IAE de Toulouse)
  • Pr Pierre VOLLE (Université Paris Dauphine)
  • Pr Monique ZOLLINGER (IAE de Tours)


The deadline for submission of the papers is December, 22nd, 2009. Papers should be e-mailed as a word attachment to one of these addresses:

Joël BRÉE: or

Éric REMY:

Communications can be submitted and presented either in French or English.

Communications will be published in the Conference Proceedings. They also will be available on

Paper format is specified in the “author instructions” heading.

Papers will be evaluated by two referees (double blind). Notification of acceptance will be given on February 10th, 2010.


Joël BREE, Sandra CAMUS, Baptiste CLERET, Francis CONCATO, Pascale EZAN, Marina FERREIRA da SILVA, Emilie HOELLARD, Julie LEROY, Claire MASSEROT, Éric REMY, Soraya ZOUARI


Papers should respect the following standards:

  1. Include in the front page the paper title, the author name, current position and affiliation and complete address and phone details (professional and personal address, telephone, fax and e-mail), and any acknowledgements for technical and/or financial help.


  2. Include in the second page the repeated title of the paper and an abstract. Abstract and paper title should be written both in French and in English. Immediately after the abstract indicate keywords that better characterise your paper (both in French and English).


  3. The paper text will begin on page 3.
    • Font: Book Antiqua
    • Spacing: single
    • Margins: 2.5 cm on every side
    • Headings and bottom page: 1.27cm
    • Titles font: Book Antiqua 13 pt.
    • Length: papers should not exceed 20 pages long.
    • Title 2 Book Antiqua bold, 13 pt, Italics
    • Title 3 Book Antiqua, 13 pt, with tab
    • Footnotes: Book Antiqua 9 pt
    • Tables and figures are included in the text, numbered and titled.
  4. Immediately after the paper text insert successively:
    • The appendixes (methodological or others) should be designed by A1, A2, A3, etc.
    • Bibliographic references. Use the form (Kotler, 1973) to indicate the author and the year of publication in the text. References should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper. They will be presented in Book Antiqua 11 pt, with a 0.3 negative tab.


      Roedder D. J. (1999), Consumer socialisation of children: A retrospective look at 25 years of research, Journal of Consumer Research, 26, 183-213.


    • Final and complete version of the paper should be sent by e-mail. You should use Microsoft Word on a PC compatible computer.