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Journal of Brand Management, 17(1)

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Journal of Brand Management 

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Drivers of brand value, estimation of brand value in practice and use of brand valuation: Introduction to the special issue
Randle D Raggio and Robert P Leone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessing long-term brand potential
Kevin Lane Keller and Donald R Lehmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Valuing brands and brand investments: Key learnings and future expectations
Ove Haxthausen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing tomorrow’s brands: Moving from measurement towards an integrated system of brand equity
Sunando Das, Curt Stenger and Charles H Ellis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A taxonomy of brand valuation practice: Methodologies and purposes
Gabriela Salinas and Tim Ambler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Securitization of brand names: Basic concepts and its use in practice
Ruth L Taylor, Rudy Becerra, Patricia Stuart and Spencer A Case [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Postscript: Preserving (and growing) brand value in a downturn
Randle D Raggio and Robert P Leone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]