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11th International Society of Markets and Development International Conference, Hanoi, 5-8 Jan 2010, Chairs Olav Jull S?rensen and Detlev Zwick; Deadline 30 Sep

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Call for Tracks and Papers for the 11th ISMD International Conference on Markets and Development. Hanoi, January 5-8, 2010

Theme: Beyond Global Markets
Organised by: The International Society of Markets and Development (ISMD)
Hosted by: National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam


Professor Olav Jull Sørensen, Department of Business Studies, Aalborg University, Denmark
Professor Detlev Zwick, Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada

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Conference Theme

The 11th International Conference on Markets and Development has adopted the theme “BEYOND GLOBAL MARKETS” to promote examination of markets in an era of advancing globalization. Some have argued that history ended when the planned economies collapsed and that the remaining task is simply one of refining the global market economy. Others see no sign of a perfect market and many negative social, cultural, and political trends are being attributed to the operations of transnational corporations or market imperfections more generally. Much remains to be done to disentangle the socio-political, economic, and cultural complexities of a world in which globalization, understood here as the near world-wide expansion of the (neo)liberal market model (and corporatist model) to all parts of the world, appears to advance at an increasingly rapid pace. Towards this end, we encourage deliberation on three broad issues. First, we are in need of theoretical and empirical work that investigates the nature, dynamics, and political and social implications of increasingly global, but unequal, flows of labor, capital, and goods. Second, with the increasing adoption of liberal trading and investment regimes, the concept of local embeddedness has increasingly been adopted by scholars of international and domestic business. We hope to attract papers that explore the consequences of embeddedness on local markets. We are particularly interested in empirical studies that look at the impact of transnational corporations on local business systems and markets in developing and transition economies. Third, globalization generates many opportunities and threats that our present models do not address. We also see a necessary move from an adaptation of existing models to the creation of entirely new models reflecting the idiosyncrasies and particularities of emerging contexts and firms. Much work is needed to understand these emerging combinations of market as well as political and social mechanisms on local experiences in developing contexts.

Although the themes may sound “macro” in nature, they are not because the structures and institutions leading us towards global markets are the result of processes of interaction and coordination among micro units, including consumers, firms, resource-owners, governments, and civil society groups. We therefore encourage approaches to the theme of the conference as much on the institutional as on the phenomenological level and anywhere in-between.

Tracks (for contact info on Tracks and Special Sessions themes please visit the conference website).

  • Market Dynamics between the Global and the Local
  • MNCs Influences on HRM-practices in Transitional Economies – a cultural perspective.
  • Global Mindset
  • Integrating Global Markets
  • Sustainable Markets
  • E-Commerce
  • Market Access and Economic Development
  • Technology and Innovation in a Development Context
  • Internationalisation of companies in the Context of Global Economic Crisis
  • Local & Global Entrepreneurship
  • Global Branding and Branding and Development
  • Retail Transformations

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