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Management Science, 55(9)

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Management Science 

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A Dynamic Model for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among U.S. Troops in Operation Iraqi Freedom
Michael P. Atkinson, Adam Guetz, and Lawrence M. Wein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cause Marketing: Spillover Effects of Cause-Related Products in a Product Portfolio
Aradhna Krishna and Uday Rajan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impact of Workload on Service Time and Patient Safety: An Econometric Analysis of Hospital Operations
Diwas S. Kc and Christian Terwiesch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service Interruptions in Large-Scale Service Systems
Guodong Pang and Ward Whitt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Quality Disclosure Formats in a Distribution Channel
Liang Guo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Labor Market Institutions and Global Strategic Adaptation: Evidence from Lincoln Electric
Jordan I. Siegel and Barbara Zepp Larson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Poker Player Behavior After Big Wins and Big Losses
Gary Smith, Michael Levere, and Robert Kurtzman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Revenue Driven Resource Allocation: Funding Authority, Incentives, and New Product Development Portfolio Management
Raul O. Chao, Stylianos Kavadias, and Cheryl Gaimon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A General Interindustry Relatedness Index
David J. Bryce and Sidney G. Winter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competing Retailers and Inventory: An Empirical Investigation of General Motors’ Dealerships in Isolated U.S. Markets
Marcelo Olivares and Gerard P. Cachon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]