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Journal of Applied Psychology, 94(5)

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Journal of Applied Psychology 

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Workplace Safety: A Meta-Analysis of the Roles of Person and Situation Factors
Michael S. Christian, Jill C. Bradley, J. Craig Wallace, Michael J. Burke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Team-Level Predictors of Innovation at Work: A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis Spanning Three Decades of Research
Ute R. H?lsheger, Neil Anderson, Jesus F. Salgado [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Level and Time Effects of Recruitment Sources on Early Voluntary Turnover
Ingo Weller, Brooks C. Holtom, Wenzel Matiaske, Thomas Mellewigt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intervention Effects on College Performance and Retention as Mediated by Motivational, Emotional, and Social Control Factors: Integrated Meta-Analytic Path Analyses
Steven B. Robbins, In-Sue Oh, Huy Le, Christopher Button [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fair Today, Fair Tomorrow? A Longitudinal Investigation of Overall Justice Perceptions
Brian C. Holtz, Crystal M. Harold [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Active Learning: When Is More Better? The Case of Resident Physicians’ Medical Errors
Tal Katz-Navon, Eitan Naveh, Zvi Stern [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Affective Influences in PersonÄEnvironment Fit Theory: Exploring the Role of Affect as Both Cause and Outcome of P-E Fit
Kang Yang Trevor Yu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Employee Customer Orientation in Context: How the Environment Moderates the Influence of Customer Orientation on Performance Outcomes
Jerry W. Grizzle, Alex R. Zablah, Tom J. Brown, John C. Mowen, James M. Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Promises Matter? An Exploration of the Role of Promises in Psychological Contract Breach
Samantha D. Montes, David Zweig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Seeking Help in the Shadow of Doubt: The Sensemaking Processes Underlying How Nurses Decide Whom to Ask for Advice
David A. Hofmann, Zhike Lei, Adam M. Grant [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Leader Personality Traits and Employee Voice Behavior: Mediating Roles of Ethical Leadership and Work Group Psychological Safety
Fred O. Walumbwa, John Schaubroeck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fitting Measurement Models to Vocational Interest Data: Are Dominance Models Ideal?
Louis Tay, Fritz Drasgow, James Rounds, Bruce A. Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changing to Daylight Saving Time Cuts Into Sleep and Increases Workplace Injuries
Christopher M. Barnes, David T. Wagner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Tale of Two Tasks: Reversing the Self-Regulatory Resource Depletion Effect
Patrick D. Converse, Richard P. DeShon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of Organizational and Professional Identification on the Relationship Between Administrators’ Social Influence and Professional Employees’ Adoption of New Work Behavior
David R. Hekman, H. Kevin Steensma, Gregory A. Bigley, James F. Hereford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evaluating Frame-of-Reference Rater Training Effectiveness Using Performance Schema Accuracy
C. Allen Gorman, Joan R. Rentsch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Does Self-Esteem Relate to Deviant Behavior? The Role of Contingencies of Self-Worth
D. Lance Ferris, Douglas J. Brown, Huiwen Lian, Lisa M. Keeping [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Displaying Employee Testimonials on Recruitment Web Sites: Effects of Communication Media, Employee Race, and Job Seeker Race on Organizational Attraction and Information Credibility
H. Jack Walker, Hubert S. Feild, William F. Giles, Achilles A. Armenakis, Jeremy B. Bernerth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]