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Journal of Medical Marketing, 9(3)

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Journal of Medical Marketing 

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Brian D Smith [Publisher]

Adalat – A lifecycle managed
Dennis Z Kvesic [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What partnership considerations and other factors are important for small- and medium-sized medical device companies entering China?
Mike Karim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Collaboration in research protocol design: A case study exploring knowledge creation for the pharmaceutical industry and prescribing physicians
Deborah Richards and Brad Dalton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand momentum: The measure of great pharmaceutical brands
Paul W Tebbey, Jennifer K Bergheiser and Rachel N Mattick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing for capital investment: Improving labour efficiency in health care
Thomas A Coss [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fulfilling the promise: A model for delivering successful online health care
Marie-Louise Jung and Pierre Berthon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How the public views optometrists’ advertising: An empirical analysis
Gordon Lipscomb Freeman Jr and Homer Ronald Moser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]