MMA Academic of the Year


The Mobile Marketing Association seeks nominations for the Mobile Marketing Academic and Institution of the Year; Deadline 14 Sep 2009

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The Mobile Marketing Association, the world’s leading trade association for mobile marketing, has two awards available for academics and their institutions in the field of mobile marketing:


  • Mobile Marketing Academic of the Year – Individual
  • Mobile Marketing Academic of the Year – Institution

    Entries can be submitted here until September 14th. (Details are below) Please ensure that the institutions & academics you know in the industry are aware!

    Details: Individual The Mobile Marketing Academic of the Year Award is presented to the leading individual researcher or research team that has provided unique and significant conceptual, qualitative, or quantitative research contributions to the mobile industry’s understanding of mobile marketing theory and practices.


    Candidates MUST:

    • Any full or part-time student(s), professor(s), and/or researcher(s) at an accredited academic institution may be eligible.
    • Submit a research proposal or completed study as appropriate per the nature of the work,
    • Letter(s) of recommendation

    Evaluation Criteria

    Candidates will be evaluated for the overall quality and significance of intellectual contribution to the understanding or practice of the mobile marketing industry made during the previous year. In particular, a successful candidate is expected to have produced research, analyses or comparable publications that:

    • Introduce new or significantly advance core practices or address key challenges facing the mobile marketing industry
    • Have the potential to build value for the industry among consumers and stakeholder companies in the mobile marketing ecosystem
    • While not an absolute requirement, preference will given to candidates whose work is grounded in a demonstrable accumulated body of original research in the mobile marketing space, and whose contribution can be demonstrated to have achieved concrete results acknowledged by industry practitioners or leading academic researchers


    • Trophy
    • Opportunity to present a brief summary of research at MMA Annual Members’ Event (geography to be determined)
    • MMA will publish research paper (on MMA website)
    • $2,000 cash research grant for winner

    Educational Institution

    The Mobile Marketing Academic Institution of the Year Award is presented to the academic institution whose faculty, professional staff and students has provided the greatest contributions to the education of students and or practitioners of mobile marketing theory and practices, whether at the undergraduate, graduate, or professional levels.


    An Academic Institution Candidate must

    • Be an accredited academic institution.
    • Offer one or more courses in which mobile marketing comprises a significant portion of the curriculum
    • Have at least one full-time faculty and professional staff employed by the institution and students enrolled at the institution during the award submission year who devote significant research attention to mobile marketing
    • Submit a report detailing the education programs in mobile marketing at the institution, along with the nomination form.

    Evaluation Criteria

    • Did faculty, professional staff or students at the academic institution offer courses or programs of educational importance for the Mobile Marketing industry?
    • Build value for the industry among students and those companies in the mobile marketing ecosystem that might employ them?


    • Trophy
    • Two free passes for faculty and/or students to attend a MMA Annual Members’ Event (geography to be determined)
    • One year of MMA Membership