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Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 14(2)

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Journal of Financial Services Marketing 

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Tina Harrison Editor [Publisher]

The ‘Whys’ and ‘Hows’ of ethical investment: Understanding an early-stage market through an explorative approach
Eva Hofmann, Elfriede Penz and Erich Kirchler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Not everybody wants to save the world
Rajiv Kashyap and Easwar S Iyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Doing well by doing good – marketing strategy to help the poor: The case of commercial banks in Ghana
Paul Sergius Koku [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding what drives the purchase decision in pension and investment products
Orla Gough and Mohamed Nurullah [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comparison websites in UK retail financial services
Des Laffey and Anthony Gandy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]