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Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 22(4)

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Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 

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The genetics of economic risk preferences
Michael J. Zyphur, Jayanth Narayanan, Richard D. Arvey, Gordon J. Alexander [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When the best appears to be saved for last: Serial position effects on choice
Ye Li, Nicholas Epley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The relative influence of advice from human experts and statistical methods on forecast adjustments
Dilek ™nkal, Paul Goodwin, Mary Thomson, Sinan G”n?l, Andrew Pollock [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

To what extent do investors in a financial market anchor their judgments excessively? Evidence from the Hong Kong horserace betting market
Johnnie Eric Victor Johnson, Adi Schnytzer, Shuang Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Similar processes despite divergent behavior in two commonly used measures of risky decision making
Anthony J. Bishara, Timothy J. Pleskac, Daniel J. Fridberg, Eldad Yechiam, Jesolyn Lucas, Jerome R. Busemeyer, Peter R. Finn, Julie C. Stout [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ignorance or integration: the cognitive processes underlying choice behavior
Shahar Ayal, Guy Hochman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]