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International Business Review, 18(5)

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International Business Review 

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Is the influence of the industrial district on international activities being eroded by globalization?Evidence from a traditional manufacturing industry
Jos‚ Pla-Barber, Francisco Puig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

NGOs’ influence on MNEs’ social development strategies in varying institutional contexts: A transaction cost perspective
Sushil Vachani, Jonathan P. Doh, Hildy Teegen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social distance between residents and international touristsÄImplications for international business
Rudolf R. Sinkovics, Elfriede Penz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding IJV performance in a learning and conflict mediated context
Yong Suhk Pak, Wonchan Ra, Young-Ryeol Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Parental control: A study of U.S. subsidiaries in Mexico
Steven Russell Lovett, Liliana P‚rez-Nordtvedt, Abdul A. Rasheed [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are there demonstration-related spillovers from FDI??Evidence from Switzerland
Lamia Ben Hamida, Philippe Gugler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How early opposed to late internationalizers learn: Experience of others and paradigms of interpretation
Christian Schwens, Ruediger Kabst [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Purchase behavior in favor of domestic products in the West Balkans
Tanja Dmitrovic, Irena Vida, James Reardon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

Theories of the Multinational Firm: A Multidimensional Creature in the Global Economy, M. Forsgren (2008).
Rebecca Piekkari [Publisher]