Branding and Emerging Markets


Special issue of Marketing Intelligence & Planning edited by Maktoba Omar and John Ensor; Deadline 20 Jan 2010

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Marketing Intelligence & Planning
Special issue on
Branding and emerging markets

Guest Editors: Dr Maktoba Omar and Dr John Ensor, Edinburgh Napier University

Marketing Intelligence & Planning is pleased to announce a special issue focusing on “Branding and emerging markets”. While research in Branding and research in Emerging Markets have been widely published, research in the area of Branding in relation to Emerging Markets is quite limited. Therefore, there is a need for a special issue to investigate brands from firms located in emerging market countries, as well as brands from firms located in developed countries to emerging market countries.

The Guest Editors invite interested researchers to contribute papers related to the theme of this special issue. Topics that might be suitable for papers appearing in the special issue include:

  • Branding to, from, or within the “Bottom of the Pyramid”.
  • Brands from emerging market countries to the overseas market
  • Brands from overseas companies to emerging market countries
  • Brand innovation in emerging and non-emerging markets
  • Brand design and development in emerging and non-emerging markets
  • Branding education in emerging markets
  • Branding tourism in emerging markets
  • Branding services to emerging markets
  • The impact of emerging market companies’ branding strategies on the market development of non-emerging market companies
  • The globalisation of branding and the global consumer
  • The globalisation of legal related issues in relation to branding
  • General marketing strategies of emerging market companies in relation to branding
  • The impact of country of origin and/or protectionism in relation to global branding.

Submission guidelines

Submissions (4,000-6,000 words) will be handled through the journal’s online manuscript submission system, Manuscript Central ( Please make sure that you adhere to the author guidelines available at the journal web site:

Details of how to set up your own account on Manuscript Central are provided at the journal web site. When submitting your manuscript you will be asked to specify whether the manuscript is for a normal issue of Marketing Intelligence & Planning or for this special issue; please make sure that you select the “Branding and emerging markets” special issue option. Submissions will be accepted for this special issue until 20 January 2010. It is expected that the special issue will be published in 2010/2011

Enquiries about the special issue should be directed to the first

Guest Editor:

Dr Maktoba Omar