JM Editorial Office


Effective 1 Sep 2009 the Journal of Marketing editorial office will comprise the Editor-in-Chief Ajay K. Kohli and the two Co-Editors Robert P. Leone and Gary L. Frazier.

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JM LogoJournal of Marketing continues to be strong and is attracting increasing numbers of submissions. At the current rate, the number of new submissions alone is expected to exceed 600 in 2009. To better process manuscripts, the editorial structure is being expanded effective September 1, 2009. The expanded editorial office will comprise the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) Ajay K. Kohli and the two Co-Editors (CEs) Robert P. Leone, Texas Christian University, and Gary L. Frazier, University of Southern California. This decision was made in consultation with Rich Lutz, AMA VP of Publications, with approval from the AMA.

There will be no change in how authors and reviewers submit manuscripts and reviews, respectively. New manuscripts will be assigned in rotation to the EIC and the CEs. Each will be the editor of record for a third of the manuscripts submitted to JM. The CEs will operate in a largely autonomous fashion, each with responsibility for assigning reviewers and making decisions regarding manuscript disposition. Because all editors are equally qualified to process JM submissions, author requests for a particular CE or EIC will not be entertained.

There will be no change in JM’s manuscript acceptance criteria. Briefly, JM will continue to be interested in manuscripts that offer novel theoretical and substantive insights with actionable implications for marketing stakeholders. The Journal will continue to be interested in manuscripts that are conceptually and methodologically rigorous, and address a topic with a broad appeal. The EIC and CEs will operate from a common framework for processing and accepting manuscripts in order to maintain consistency across the editorial office members. In addition, the EIC will maintain oversight of the processing of all manuscripts and will continue to be responsible for all other editorial aspects of the Journal.

We are confident the expanded editorial office will provide a better structure for processing the increasing number of manuscripts. Gary, Bob and I look forward to working with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any of us. Thank you.

Ajay K. Kohli