DVDs on Marketing Topics


Anne Brumbaugh has compiled the responses to her query about DVDs to supplement undergraduate lectures on a variety of marketing topics

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Marketing DVD Seekers —

Clearly, there is an opportunity for the 30 minute “I don’t want to have to lecture on this topic” type of video out there. Here are the resources people shared/that I found that came close to satisfying our needs.

— Anne


Media Education Foundation www.mediaed.org – a wide selection of titles related to consumer protection, effects of marketing on society, etc.

Films Media Group/Films for the Humanities ffh.films.com – many business topics/titles, including nice collection of marketing topics. This is the one to which I was referring and from which we will buy at least one or two videos.

Individual Films:

King Corn www.docurama.com/productdetail.html?productid=NV-NNVG110891 – thought provoking documentary about corn production in the U.S. and subsidized government intervention to keep corn farmers afloat. Certainly relevant to promotion, supply chain management, and marketing ethics.

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