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Sports Management: Current Trends and Future Developments, Special issue of Thunderbird International Business Review, Edited by Vanessa Ratten; Deadline 30 Mar 2010

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Sports Management: Current Trends and Future Developments

Guest Editor: Vanessa Ratten

Sports management is a global industry that affects many different segments of business. The sport industry is amongst the world’s largest industries and places importance on business relationships in order to maintain its competitiveness. The changing business environment has meant that businesses involved in sport need to constantly change and innovate in order to compete better. As sport has a global appeal it is particularly important in today’s global economy. The aim of this special issue is to highlight the current trends that are occurring in sports and how these will affect the future development of sports worldwide. The following is a list of possible topics that are welcome in this special issue:

  • Philanthropy and social responsibility in sports-related industries
  • Global marketing success stories in sports
  • Sponsorship, branding and targeting initiatives in sports
  • The internationalization of college and professional sports
  • Global approaches to sports marketing
  • Marketing innovations in sports and sports-related industries
  • Global marketing challenges and opportunities in sports-related industries
  • Regulatory and government issues in global sport marketing
  • Marketing of international sport events and sport teams broadcast rights
  • Segmenting and developing the global sport consumer
  • The impact of sports on other industries (e.g. education, tourism, law)

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Special Issue Guest Editor:
Vanessa Ratten
Assistant Professor
A.J. Palumbo School of Business Administration
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, United States