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China Rules: Globalization and Political Transformation, A book by Ilan Alon, Julian Chang, Marc Fetscherin, Christoph Lattemann and John R. McIntyre

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China Rules
Globalization and Political Transformation

Ilan Alon*, Julian Chang**, Marc Fetscherin*,
Christoph Lattemann*** and John R. McIntyre****

*Rollins College, USA; **Harvard University, USA;
***University of Potsdam, Germany; ****Georgia Tech, USA

China Rules – Globalization and Political Transformation

The development of the Chinese MNC is a new feature of globalization. This book deals with the political economy and governance of China and discusses the contemporary discourse of Chinese enterprise internationalization. The first section shows how the internationalization of Chinese enterprises will reshape global competition, and how new corporate governance structures impact the long-term performance of state-owned enterprises in China. The second section assesses international trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) by Chinese firms and their impact on the target countries. The effects of China’s policy and regulatory changes on outward FDI are outlined and a Sino-EU Intra Industry Trade and FDI analysis explores the nature of the challenge facing the EU. Section three describes the developments in certain Chinese industries, telecommunications, electronic and automotive, and explains corporate and government strategies to gain access to global natural resources.


Tarun Khanna, Harvard University, USA



Chapter 1:
Contextual View of Chinese Enterprise Internationalization – F.Schortgen, Mount Union College, USA

Chapter 2:
The Effects of the Institutional Environment on the Internationalization of Chinese Firms – G L. Ge, University of Auckland, New Zealand and D Z. Ding,City University of Hong Kong

Chapter 3:
Racing With the Dragons – PJ. Williamson and E. Yin, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK

Chapter 4:
The Corporatization of Chinese Oil and Petrochemical Industries – O. Roche, McGill University,USA


Chapter 5:
An assessment of the effects of institutional change on Chinese outward direct investment activity – H. Voss, P J. Buckley, and A. R. Cross, University of Leeds, UK

Chapter 6:
FDI and Chinas Global Trade Competitiveness: Evidence from Measuring Sino-EU15 Intra- Industry Trade – W X. Wei, MacEwan School of Business, Canada

Chapter 7:
Chasing the Dragon: The emerging EU China Relationship and its impact on business – L. Curran, Toulouse Business School, France

Chapter 8:
China’s New Approach to ODI in Africa: A Model for a Government Seeking Natural Resources – A. Shoham and M. Rosenboim, Sapir College of Management, Israel


Chapter 9:
Natural Resources: Government Support for Chinese Companies Global Hunt – H. Gao, Kennesaw State University, USA

Chapter 10:
Telecommunications: Primacy of Power and Regulatory Battles for Promoting National Standards – W. Liang, Monterey Institute, USA

Chapter 11:
Automotive & Electronics: What explains export success? – G. Wignaraja and R T. Olfindo, Asia Development Bank, Philippines

Chapter 12