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Business Horizons, 52(5)

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Business Horizons 

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The economy’s one enduring force: Entrepreneurship
Donald F. Kuratko [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate innovation at Southwest Airlines: An interview with Herb Kelleher, Founder & Former Chair & CEO
Travis J. Brown [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate entrepreneurial performance at Koch Industries: A social cognitive framework
Jeffrey S. Hornsby, Michael G. Goldsby [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The entrepreneurial imperative of the 21st century
Donald F. Kuratko [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Properties of balance: A pendulum effect in corporate entrepreneurship
Michael H. Morris, Jurie van Vuuren, Jeffrey R. Cornwall, Retha Scheepers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond risk mitigation: Enhancing corporate innovation with scenario planning
William J. Worthington, Jamie D. Collins, Michael A. Hitt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The death of an innovative project: How grief recovery enhances learning
Dean A. Shepherd, Donald F. Kuratko [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate venturing: Insights from actual performance
Donald F. Kuratko, Jeffrey G. Covin, Robert P. Garrett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Crossing the great divide of strategic entrepreneurship: Transitioning between exploration and exploitation
R. Duane Ireland, Justin W. Webb [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pathways to entrepreneurial growth: The influence of management, marketing, and money
Candida G. Brush, Dennis J. Ceru, Robert Blackburn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Global networks of clusters of innovation: Accelerating the innovation process
Jerome S. Engel, Itxaso del-Palacio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emergence of the entrepreneurial society
David B. Audretsch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]