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Marketing within the Enterprise and Beyond, Special issue of Management Science, Department Editors for Marketing Pradeeep Chintagunta and Preyas Desai; Deadline 26 Feb 2010

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Call for Papers

Management Science Special Issue on

“Marketing within the Enterprise and Beyond”

Marketing is an organization’s link to its customers, competitors and suppliers, and therefore has a natural set of interfaces with all other functions of the organization, as well as significant public policy implications. Management Science announces a special issue, sponsored by INFORMS society for Marketing Science (ISMS), on marketing’s various interfaces with other disciplines in Management Science. We invite manuscripts that examine important research issues at the interface between marketing and other functional areas such as accounting, business strategy, finance, information systems, operations and organizations or address important public policy implications of marketing decisions. Manuscripts submitted for the special issue should address issues that truly span functional boundaries, i.e., are of interest to marketing and another discipline. Manuscripts that primarily address topics falling in a single discipline (e.g., marketing or another business function) are not good candidates for the special issue, but of course, can be submitted as a regular manuscript to the appropriate department of the journal. We welcome all methodological approaches and a diverse set of topics.

Papers intended for the special issue should be submitted electronically using manuscript central at The papers should be submitted to the marketing department with a note stating that the paper is intended for the special issue. All papers submitted for the special issue will be handled by the marketing Department Editors, with the expertise of Associate Editors and reviewers drawn from various departments of the journal. It is expected that each paper will be handled by a reviewer from marketing and another from the other relevant discipline the paper pertains to. In fact, authors are encouraged to recommend Associate Editors and reviewers from across the editorial review board of Management Science. All papers will undergo a rigorous but constructive review process.

The deadline for the submission to the special issue is February 26, 2010. Publication of the special issue is expected in early 2011.

Please direct all questions about the special issue to the marketing Department Editors:

Pradeeep Chintagunta (
Preyas Desai (