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Marketing Science, 28(4)

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2007 ISMS Practice Prize Competition–Special Section Introduction
John H. Roberts and Gary L. Lilien [Publisher]

Pricing Digital Content Product Lines: A Model and Application for the National Academies Press
P. K. Kannan, Barbara Kline Pope, and Sanjay Jain [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

PIN Optimal Distribution of Auction Vehicles System: Applying Price Forecasting, Elasticity Estimation, and Genetic Algorithms to Used-Vehicle Distribution
Jie Du, Lili Xie, and Stephan Schroeder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing-Mix Recommendations to Manage Value Growth at P&G Asia-Pacific
V. Kumar, Jia Fan, Rohit Gulati, and P. Venkat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market Structure Across Retail Formats
Karsten Hansen and Vishal Singh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Model for the Construction of Country-Specific Yet Internationally Comparable Short-Form Marketing Scales
Martijn G. de Jong, Jan-Benedict E. M. Steenkamp, and Bernard P. Veldkamp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sales Growth of New Pharmaceuticals Across the Globe: The Role of Regulatory Regimes
Stefan Stremersch and Aurelie Lemmens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Optimal Category Pricing with Endogenous Store Traffic
Edward J. Fox, Steven Postrel, and John H. Semple [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Firm-Created Word-of-Mouth Communication: Evidence from a Field Test
David Godes and Dina Mayzlin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Empirical Investigation of the Dynamic Effect of Marlboro’s Permanent Pricing Shift
Tao Chen, Baohong Sun, and Vishal Singh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessing the External Validity of Analytical Results from National Brand and Store Brand Competition Models
Raj Sethuraman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Retailer Promotion Pass-Through: A Measure, Its Magnitude, and Its Determinants
Kusum L. Ailawadi and Bari A. Harlam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impact of Customer Knowledge Heterogeneity on Bundling Strategy
Amiya Basu and Padmal Vitharana [Publisher] [Google Scholar]