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Journal of Services Marketing, 23(5)

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Journal of Services Marketing 

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Closing the gap between perceived and actual waiting times in a call center: results from a field study
Anita Whiting, Naveen Donthu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring customer reactions to offshore call centers: toward a comprehensive conceptual framework
Piyush Sharma, Rajiv Mathur, Abhinav Dhawan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Call center employee personality factors and service performance
Olukemi O. Sawyerr, Shanthi Srinivas, Sijun Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The use of strategic deception in relationships
Abhijit Patwardhan, Stephanie M. Noble, Ceri M. Nishihara [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Frontline employees’ views on organizational factors that affect the delivery of service quality in call centers
Alison M. Dean, Al Rainnie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Job resourcefulness, symptoms of burnout and service recovery performance: an examination of call centre frontline employees
Nicholas J. Ashill, Michel Rod, Peter Thirkell, Janet Carruthers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Insights into the Indian call centre industry: can internal marketing help tackle high employee turnover?
Pawan S. Budhwar, Arup Varma, Neeru Malhotra, Avinandan Mukherjee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]