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Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing, 11(1)

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Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing 

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Derek Holder [Publisher]

Media synergy comes of age – Part I
Don E Schultz, Martin Block and Kalyan Raman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Data quality is everyone’s business – Designing quality into your data warehouse – Part 1
Tom Breur [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Automated marketing and the growth of ‘customer compliance’ businesses
Edward Kasabov and Alex J Warlow [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The IDM business performance awards 2008: Overall business award winner Campaign: Launching Virgin Media
Kate Boothby [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interview with Trevor Phillips and Caroline Waters
Robin Fairlie and Richard Webber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

MarketingSherpa Toolkit: How to: Viral Market
Reviewed by Ralph F Wilson and James B Pettijohn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]