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Journal of Marketing Management, 25(5/6)

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Journal of Marketing Management 

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JMM 25th Anniversary Editorial
Hart, Susan [Publisher]

Tales of prospects past: on strategic fallacies and uncertainty in Technology Forecasting
Brownlie, Douglas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The future of marketing: brightest star in the firmament, or a fading meteor? Some hypotheses and a research agenda
McDonald, Malcolm [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Equity within business to business relationships
Blois, Keith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relational resources and competences for radical product innovation
Story, Vicky; Hart, Susan; O’Malley, Lisa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Country of Assembly (COA) effect on perceived automobile quality: a Thai consumers’ perspective
Chandrasen, Abhirarm; Paliwoda, Stanley J. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Experience marketing: a review and reassessment
Tynan, Caroline; McKechnie, Sally [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Harry Potter and the Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing: a cautionary tale
Brown, Stephen; Patterson, Anthony [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Value dimensions and relationship postures in dyadic ‘Key Relationship Programmes’
Henneberg, Stephan C.; Pardo, Catherine; Mouzas, Stefanos; Naude, Peter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Positive management of marketing-operations relationships: the case of an internet retail SME
Piercy, Niall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond matrices and black-box algorithms: setting marketing priorities with Marketing Strategy Conferences
Schilling, Martin S.; Schulze-Cleven, Paul J. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psychic distance, marketing strategy and performance in export ventures of Brazilian firms
Sousa, Carlos M.P.; Lengler, Jorge [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Drivers of sales and marketing collaboration in business-to-business selling organisations
Le Meunier-Fitzhugh, Kenneth; Piercy, Nigel F. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]