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Journal of Medical Marketing, 9(2)

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Journal of Medical Marketing 

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Interesting times
Brian D Smith [Publisher]

Resisting persuasion: Building defences against competitors’ persuasive attacks in the context of war-gaming methodology
Donna Kelly and Michael D’Aust Garcia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Myth, reality and requirements in pharmaceutical Key Account Management
Brian D Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changes in the delivery of primary care and in private insurers’ role in United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and France
Daniel Simonet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pharmaceutical product differentiation: A strategy for strengthening product pipeline and life cycle management
Rajesh Dubey and Jayashree Dubey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond transactional management: Transformational lessons for Pharmaceutical sales and marketing managers
Engelbert Tjeenk Willink [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Watch
Brian D Smith [Publisher]

Coming of age: An introduction to our special section on European Continuing Medical Education
Eugene Pozniak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A concise framework for medical education terminology
Erin Kingshill, Bruce LaDuke and Steve Willis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

European CME accreditation
Robin D Stevenson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An overview of CME/CPD credit systems around the world
Abi Sriharan, Ron Murray, Helios Pardell and Honorio Silva [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

HIV and the Body: A model of independent medical education
James Osborn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

eLearning in continuing medical education: A comparison of knowledge gain and learning efficiency
Peter A Henning and Annekatrin Schnur [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

CME: From hard reality to virtual reality
Carolyn Hodgkin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The ESMO CME program: How practicing oncologists can maintain their knowledge in the E-era? Certification and recertification opportunities
Andres Cervantes, Doris Vola, Svetlana Jezdic and Rolf Stahel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changing continuing medical education: An opportunity to improve physician education and patient care around the world
Lawrence Sherman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Presence, alignments and shared authenticity: Considering the new era of engagement between experts and the pharmaceutical industry
Emma D’Arcy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]