GOMCHA Winners 2009


A team taught by Chia Yao Lee has won the 2009 Google Online Marketing Challenge. Regional winning teams were taught by Kevin Reid, Theresa Flaherty and Marcin Dudek

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Google has announced the 2009 winners of the Google Online Marketing Challenge:



Our Global Winning team comes from Deakin University, Australia and is taught by Chia Yao Lee. The team of Andrew Kidd, Richard Blakely, Kevin Fung, Clinton Hinze, Katalin Kish and Howard Lien worked with a local indoor play centre, www.littletigrrs.com.au, to create a well-crafted campaign that highly impressed our judges.

Regional Winners

  • Our APAC Winner, taught by Kevin Reid, comes from the International College of Management Sydney (Australia). The team was comprised of Carmen Lam, Katalin Esztergalyos, Akos Toth, Yeon Jin Kim, Iris Yim, Trinh Nguyen and Sina Dai and worked with a hair salon, www.craniumhair.com.au.
  • Our AMERICAS Winner comes from James Madison University (US) and was taught by Professor Theresa Flaherty. The team of Rachel Bruton, Meredith Rauh and Brandon Sockwell, worked with a local tour operator, www.mobiletours.org.
  • Our EMEA Winner comes from the Warsaw School of Economics (Poland), taught by Marcin Dudek. The team of Agata Rundo, Karolina Szmit, Marta Grzymala, Tomasz Nowinski and Karol Milewski worked with a contact lens retailer, www.soczewki.me.

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