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International Journal of Innovation Management, 13(2)

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International Journal of Innovation Management 

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Editorial: First Special Issue for the Ispim
Oe Tidd, Marko Torkkeli, Eelko Huizingh and Steffen Conn [Publisher]

Defining Kpi Sets for Industrial Research Organizations – A Performance Measurement Approach
Tatjana Samsonowa, Peter Buxmann and Wolfgang Gerteis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toward A Dynamic Perspective on Open Innovation: A Longitudinal Assessment of the Adoption of Internal and External Innovation Strategies in the Netherlands
Tom Poot, Dries Faems and Wim Vanhaverbeke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Absorptive Capacity in Facilitating "Open Innovation" Outcomes: A Study of Australian Smes in the Manufacturing Sector
Fang Huang and John Rice [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Improving Innovation Capabilities of Small Enterprises: Cluster Strategy As A Tool
Helena Forsman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation Diffusion: Mobile Telephony Adoption in China
Xielin Liu, Feng-Shang Wu and Wen-Lin Chu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Practices of Strategic Foresight in Biotech Companies
Dana Mietzner and Guido Reger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovativeness and International Operations: Case of Russian R&D Companies
Daria Podmetina, Maria Smirnova, Juha Vaatanen and Marko Torkkeli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]