SIGSVC Workshop on Services


The Association of Information Systems Special Interest Group on Services, 2009 Pre-ICIS SIGSVC Workshop on Services, Phoenix, 14 Dec 2009; Deadline 1 Sep 2009

The Association of Information Systems Special Interest Group on Services
Pre-ICIS 2009 SIGSVC Workshop on Services


Monday, December 14, 2009, 12:30-5 PM
J.W. Marriot Desert Ridge Resort Phoenix, Arizona
According to a Gartner Forecast, worldwide end-user spending on IT services will grow at a 6.4% compound annual growth rate through 2010 to reach US$855.6 billion, with positive growth in nearly all market segments (Babaie, et al., 2006). Service-oriented thinking is one of the fastest growing paradigms in IT and IS (Demirkan et al. 2008). It is a paradigm that reinforces the value of distributed software processes, services, commoditization, reuse, and coordination. Service thinking offers benefits such as end-to-end enterprise connectivity through software by removing redundancies, generating unified collaboration tools, and streamlining IT processes. Robust research is needed in the appropriate management and organizational contexts related to services innovation, design, quality, architecture, delivery, execution, and the resulting customer satisfaction and business value. The goal of this workshop is to explore the challenges of moving to a services orientation. You are invited to contribute research papers, panel presentations and industry abstracts according to the following deadlines:
Key Dates for SIGSVC Workshop
Submissions due to Workshop Chairs: September 1, 2009
Acceptance Notification: September 29, 2009
Final Papers Due: October 13, 2009
Workshop: December 14, 2009
Possible topics of applied, field and empirical research include, but are not limited to:
*       Service Science, Management, Engineering and Technology
*       Business process integration and management of services
*       Servitizing IT organizations
*       Commoditization of hardware and software and the role of services
*       Theories and approaches for integrating and/or sourcing services computing and automated business process management
*       Theories, challenges and impacts of service-orientation on enterprises, organizations and individuals
*       Theories and approaches to services innovation & management, design & engineering, modeling & simulation, and standardization
*       Service systems, components, platforms, technologies, architectures
*       Customer Integration in service design, delivery and operation
*       Services innovation & management (CSFs, service types e.g. systems integration, professional services, self services)
*       Service business models ; issues of excellence and productivity
*       Services governance and organizational transformation, operation and service off-shoring
*       Risk management or legal aspects of services, Management and customizing/localization of services,
*       Legal aspects of services (assets, intellectual property building, property rights, branding),
*       Service excellence and service productivity,
*       Service export and internationalization of services and
*       Decision models and decision support systems for service-related management and operations
*       Data services and data management service level agreements
*       Other services related topics
Workshop Committee (Draft List)
Workshop Co-Chairs: Haluk Demirkan and Stuart Galup
Local Venue Coordination Co-Chairs: Mark Keith; Registration Co-Chairs: Sue Conger and Dan Soper
Program Committee: Robert Harmon, Joachim Schelp, Amit Deokar, Stephen K. Kwan, Sagnika Sen
Registration will go through the ICIS Registration System
Submission Instructions: Prepare Manuscript using ICIS paper formatting guidelines.
Submit paper by September 1, 2009 via email to or
Selected papers will be fast tracked to numerous service science journals such as e-Service Journal; International Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Technology Journal; International Journal of Services Science.