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Tourism and Hospitality Research, 9(3)

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Tourism and Hospitality Research 

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Central and Eastern Europe and EU accession 2004: Views of the impact on tourism
Howard L Hughes and Danielle Allen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transport and tourism destination development: An Indonesian perspective
Joan Henderson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A study on American meeting planners’ attitudes toward and adoption of technology in the workplace
Dae-Young Kim and Ounjoung Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A re-examination of the factors that influence productivity in hotels: A study of the housekeeping function
Peter Jones and Abhijeet Siag [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Institutional, cultural and contextual factors: Potential drivers of the culinary innovation process
Michael C Ottenbacher and Robert J Harrington [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Wine consumers information search: Gender differences and implications for the hospitality industry
Nelson Barber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Peter Jones [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A ‘sound strategy’ for Intercontinental Hotels
Peter Jones [Publisher]