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Strategy & Leadership, 37(4)

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Strategy & Leadership 

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Surviving the recession and thriving beyond it: Rita McGrath explains how to deliver discovery-driven growth
Brian Leavy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Succeeding in the new economic environment Ä three targets for leaders
Saul Berman, Steven Davidson, Sara Longworth, Amy Blitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Distressed M&A and corporate strategy: lessons from Marvel Entertainment Group’s bankruptcy
Joseph Calandro Jr [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Variabilization of costs: an especially effective strategy in a recession
Nicolas Kachaner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Leadership liabilities of newly appointed managers: arrive prepared
Marius Pretorius [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How subsidiaries are battling to survive and grow
Pamela Sharkey Scott, Patrick T. Gibbons [Publisher] [Google Scholar]