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Social Marketing Quarterly, 15(1)

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Social Marketing Quarterly 

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Editors’ Introduction: New Directions in Health Communication, Marketing, and Media
Gary L. Kreps; Leslie B. Snyder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New Communication Channels: Changing the Nature of Customer Engagement
Jay M. Bernhardt; Darren Mays; Dogan Eroglu; Katherine Lyon Daniel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cancer Information Seeking Among Black and White Adults: Results From the 2003 and 2005 Health Information National Trends Surveys
Jiali Ye; Zhiheng Xu; Bamidele Adesunloye [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

TXTING4HEALTH: The Role of the Mobile Channel in the Health Care Industry and in the Sphere of Public Health
Eric Holmen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Framing Theory to Unite the Field of Injury and Violence Prevention and Response: Adding Power to Our Voices
Lucinda Austin; Jane Mitchko; Carol Freeman; Susan Kirby; Joanne Milne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Content Analysis of Internet Marketing Strategies: How Pharmaceutical Companies Communicate About Contraceptives With Consumers Online
Christy J. W. Ledford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Town Hall Meetings: Implementing The Surgeon General’s Call to Action To Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking
Gwyndolyn Ensley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Piloting EX, a Social Marketing Campaign to Prompt Smoking Cessation
Kristen L. McCausland; Jane A. Allen; Jennifer C. Duke; Haijun Xiao; Eric T. Asche; Jeffrey C. Costantino; Donna M. Vallone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information Needs and Self-Efficacy: Internet Use by Women With Breast Cancer
Barbara Arroyo; Diana Stover Tillinghast [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Findings From Exploratory and Materials Testing Focus Groups With Korean American Parents Regarding Preteen Vaccination and the 11- and 12-Year-Old Checkup
Derek Inokuchi; Aparna Ramakrishnan; Karena F. Sapsis; Allison L. Friedman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing Fruit and Vegetable Intake With Interactive Games on the Internet
Mary K. Buller; Ilima L. Kane; Andrea L. Dunn; Erika J. Edwards; David B. Buller; Xia Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]