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Journal of Business Research, 62(10)

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Journal of Business Research 

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Impact of culture on marketing strategy: Introduction to the special issue
Michel Laroche [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The customer-based corporate reputation scale: Replication and short form
Gianfranco Walsh, Sharon E. Beatty, Edward M.K. Shiu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cross-cultural advertising communication: Visual imagery, brand familiarity, and brand recall
Andrey Mikhailitchenko, Rajshekhar (Raj) G. Javalgi, Galina Mikhailitchenko, Michel Laroche [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate philanthropy, attitude towards corporations, and purchase intentions: A South Korea study
Hanjoon Lee, TaeKyu Park, Hyoung Koo Moon, YongHee Yang, Chankon Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Universal differences in advertising avoidance behavior: A cross-cultural study
Jos‚ I. Rojas-M‚ndez, Gary Davies, Canan Madran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultural differences in consumer socialization: A comparison of Chinese-Canadian and Caucasian-Canadian children?
Chankon Kim, Zhiyong Yang, Hanjoon Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Migration and materialism: The roles of ethnic identity, religiosity, and generation?
Mark Cleveland, William Chang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is there really an Asian connection? Professional service quality perceptions and customer satisfaction
Linda C. Ueltschy, Michel Laroche, Man Zhang, Hyuksoo Cho, Ren Yingwei [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How quality, value, image, and satisfaction create loyalty at a Chinese telecom?
Fujun Lai, Mitch Griffin, Barry J. Babin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Language influence in responses to questionnaires by bilingual respondents: A test of the Whorfian hypothesis
Marie-Odile Richard, Roy Toffoli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer revenge behavior: A cross-cultural perspective?
Haithem Zourrig, Jean-Charles Chebat, Roy Toffoli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tax exemption as a marketing tool: The Irish Republic and profits derived from artistic creativity
Thomas S. O’Connor, Terrence M. O’Connor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does switching from NASDAQ to the NYSE affect investmentÄcash flow sensitivity?
Chau-Chen Yang, H. Kent Baker, Li-Chuan Chou, Bo-Wei Lu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of conflict, culture, and myth in creating attitudinal commitment
Charles D. Bodkin, Christie Amato, Cara Peters [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of top management networks for market knowledge creation and sharing in China
Xueming Luo, Morsheda Hassan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A meta-analysis of the relationship between perceived organizational support and job outcomes: 20 years of research
Robert J. Riggle, Diane R. Edmondson, John D. Hansen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“To buy or to pirate”: The matrix of music consumers’ acquisition-mode decision-making
James R. Coyle, Stephen J. Gould, Pola Gupta, Reetika Gupta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]