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International Business Review, 18(4)

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International Business Review 

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Export performance of emerging market firms
Deeksha A. Singh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining relational and resource influences on the performance of border region SMEs
John Francis, Ananda Mukherji, Jyotsna Mukherji [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The NEP Scale: A measure of network export performance
Luis Filipe Lages, Graça Silva, Chris Styles, Zulema Lopes Pereira [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of outward FDI on the home country’s labour demand and skill composition
Stefano Elia, Ilaria Mariotti, Lucia Piscitello [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Returnee entrepreneurs and firm performance in Chinese high-technology industries
Ou Dai, Xiaohui Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate cash holdings, uncertainty avoidance, and the multinationality of firms
Andr‚s Ram¡rez, Solomon Tadesse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reappraising liabilities of foreignness within an integrated perspective of the costs and benefits of doing business abroad
Deepak Sethi, William Judge [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rating versus ranking: What is the best way to reduce response and language bias in cross-national research??
Anne-Wil Harzing, Joyce Baldueza, Wilhelm Barner-Rasmussen, Cordula Barzantny, Anne Canabal, Anabella Davila, Alvaro Espejo, Rita Ferreira, Axele Giroud, Kathrin Koester, Yung-Kuei Liang, Audra Mockaitis, Michael J. Morley, Barbara Myloni, Joseph O.T. Odusanya, Sharon Leiba O’Sullivan, Ananda Kumar Palaniappan, Paulo Prochno, Srabani Roy Choudhury, Ayse Saka-Helmhout, Sununta Siengthai, Linda Viswat, Ayda Uzuncarsili Soydas, Lena Zander [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book review

Yong Zhang, Large Chinese State-Owned Enterprises: Corporatisation and Strategic Development , Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke (2008), ISBN: 978-0-230-54293-8.
Hinrich Voss [Publisher] [Google Scholar]