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Annual Review of Sociology, 35

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Annual Review of Sociology 

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Working in Six Research Areas: A Multi-Field Sociological Career
Herbert J. Gans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethnicity, Race, and Nationalism
Rogers Brubaker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interdisciplinarity: A Critical Assessment
Jerry A. Jacobs and Scott Frickel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nonparametric Methods for Modeling Nonlinearity in Regression Analysis
Robert Andersen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gender Ideology: Components, Predictors, and Consequences
Shannon N. Davis and Theodore N. Greenstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Genetics and Social Inquiry
Jeremy Freese and Sara Shostak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Race Mixture: Boundary Crossing in Comparative Perspective
Edward E. Telles and Christina A. Sue [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Sociology of Emotional Labor
Amy S. Wharton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Societal Responses to Terrorist Attacks
Seymour Spilerman and Guy Stecklov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intergenerational Family Relations in Adulthood: Patterns, Variations, and Implications in the Contemporary United States
Teresa Toguchi Swartz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sociology of Sex Work
Ronald Weitzer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Sociology of War and the Military
Meyer Kestnbaum [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Socioeconomic Attainments of Asian Americans
Arthur Sakamoto, Kimberly A. Goyette, and ChangHwan Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Men, Masculinity, and Manhood Acts
Douglas Schrock and Michael Schwalbe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

American Trade Unions and Data Limitations: A New Agenda for Labor Studies
Caleb Southworth and Judith Stepan-Norris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Outsourcing and the Changing Nature of Work
Alison Davis-Blake and Joseph P. Broschak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Taming Prometheus: Talk About Safety and Culture
Susan S. Silbey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Paradoxes of China’s Economic Boom
Martin King Whyte [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Political Sociology and Social Movements
Andrew G. Walder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New Directions in Life Course Research
Karl Ulrich Mayer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is America Fragmenting?
Claude S. Fischer and Greggor Mattson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Switching Social Contexts: The Effects of Housing Mobility and School Choice Programs on Youth Outcomes
Stefanie DeLuca and Elizabeth Dayton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Income Inequality and Social Dysfunction
Richard G. Wilkinson and Kate E. Pickett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Educational Assortative Marriage in Comparative Perspective
Hans-Peter Blossfeld [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nonhumans in Social Interaction
Karen A. Cerulo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Class Differentials in Health and Mortality: Patterns and Explanations in Comparative Perspective
Irma T. Elo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impacts of Wal-Mart: The Rise and Consequences of the World’s Dominant Retailer
Gary Gereffi and Michelle Christian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]