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Journal of Vacation Marketing, 15(3)

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Journal of Vacation Marketing 

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An evaluation of hotel website attribute utilization and effectiveness by hotel class
Michael D. Musante, David C. Bojanic, and Jian Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Solo travel: Explorative insights from a mature market (Switzerland)
Christian Laesser, Pietro Beritelli, and Thomas Bieger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impacts of a historical film on the destination image of South America
Amir Shani, Youcheng Wang, Simon Hudson, and Sergio Moreno Gil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A determination of destination competitiveness for Taiwan’s hot springs tourism sector using the Delphi technique
Cheng-Fei Lee and Brian King [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Scary food: Commodifying culinary heritage as meal adventures in tourism
Szilvia Gyimothy and Reidar Johan Mykletun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining current non-customers: A cruise vacation case
Sun-Young Park and James F. Petrick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

Principles of Services Marketing (5th Edition): By Adrian Palmer McGraw Hill Education Limited, Maidenhead, 2007; 592pp Paperback ISBN13: 9780077116279, ISBN10: 0077116275 {pound}41.99
Linda Phillips [Publisher]