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Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 26(4)

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Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing 

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Ki-Joon Back; Choong-Ki Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Global “Seat Belts” for Problem Gamblers?: Intersections of Culture, Technology, and Responsible Gambling
Jungsun Kim; Bo J. Bernhard; Dongsuk Jang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Russian Gamblers: Who Are They?
Gregory Dunn; Katerina Annaraud; Jay Schrock [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Proposing Perceptions-based Unique Marketing Strategies for Gamblers
Deepak Chhabra; Kathy Andereck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Senior Citizen Bingo Players in Australian Registered and Licensed Clubs: A Case Study at Tweed Heads, New South Wales
Helen Breen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Antecedents and Consequence of Implementing Responsible Gaming Practice
Shiang-Lih Chen McCain; Henry Tsai; Nick Bellino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are you Gambling with Your Business? – What You Should Know about Legal Differences Between Gaming Ashore and Afloat
Mitzi Lauderdale; John H. Thomas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Application of Spatial Population Partitioning Using Voronoi Diagrams: Principal Component Regression Analysis of Slot Machine Performance Data
Anthony Lucas; Ashok K. Singh; Laxmi P. Gewali; Anita Singh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Customers Behave on the Gaming Floor: Revelations from Employees
Sharen Nisbet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]