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Journal of Marketing, 73(4)

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Journal of Marketing 

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Guest Editorial: Is Marketing Academia Losing Its Way?
David J Reibstein, George Day, Jerry Wind [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing of the Life Sciences: A New Framework and Research Agenda for a Nascent Field
Stefan Stremersch, Walter Van Dyck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Distributor Sharing of Strategic Information with Suppliers
Gary L Frazier, Elliot Maltz, Kersi D Antia, Aric Rindfleisch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Worth of Product Placement in Successful Films: An Event Study Analysis
Michael A Wiles, Anna Danielova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Implementing the Marketing Concept at the Employee-Customer Interface: The Role of Customer Need Knowledge
Christian Homburg, Jan Wieseke, Torsten Bornemann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are Women More Loyal Customers Than Men? Gender Differences in Loyalty to Firms and Individual Service Providers
Valentyna Melnyk, Stijn M.J van Osselaer, Tammo H.A Bijmolt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technology Convergence: When Do Consumers Prefer Converged Products to Dedicated Products?
Jin K Han, Seh Woong Chung, Yong Seok Sohn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Self-Benefit Versus Other-Benefit Marketing Appeals: Their Effectiveness in Generating Charitable Support
Katherine White, John Peloza [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Auctioning Keywords in Online Search
Jianqing Chen, De Liu, Andrew B Whinston [Publisher] [Google Scholar]