Emerald Journal to Change Name


Direct Marketing: An International Journal will be re-titled the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing

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Introducing the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing

Reflecting the changing scope of the direct, electronic and multi-channel marketing field, Direct Marketing: An International Journal (DMIJ) published by Emerald Group Publishing will be re-titled the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing (JRIM) effective from the beginning of the 2010 volume.

Publisher, Dr. Martyn Lawrence explains: “DMIJ was launched to provide an outlet for research in direct and multi-channel marketing, and to act as a forum for communicating “best practices” to academics and practitioners. Yet in a few short years, the impact and business implications of – for example – social media and Web-based services and communities led us to the conclusion that a revised editorial mission was required. Changing the journal scope opens up new author communities whilst ensuring that the latest research is made available to our readers.”

Journal Editor, Professor Amanda Broderick adds: “The importance of recognising and engaging in conversation with customers, facilitated through changes in technology, should place interactive thinking at the core of marketing strategy and interactive channels as the foundation of marketing delivery. The re-branded journal recognises the increasing importance of interactivity across all marketing activities and aspires to be the first-choice information source for leading thinkers in direct and multi-channel marketing.”

The mission of the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing is to address substantive issues in interactive, relationship, electronic, direct and multi-channel marketing and marketing management. With its origins in the discipline and practice of direct marketing, the re-branded journal aims to publish progressive, innovative and rigorous scholarly research for marketing academics and practitioners.

Emerald Group publishing currently publishes 19 marketing journals each unique in coverage, titles include European Journal of Marketing, International Marketing Review and Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.

Any queries regarding the changes should be sent to Dr Martyn Lawrence, Publisher at mlawrence@emeraldinsight.com