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Strategic Management Journal, 30(8)

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Strategic Management Journal 

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National corporate governance institutions and post-acquisition target reorganization
Laurence Capron, Mauro Guillén [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modes of cooperative R&D commercialization by start-ups
Vikas A. Aggarwal, David H. Hsu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Control, collaboration, and productivity in international joint ventures: theory and evidence
Jing Li, Changhui Zhou, Edward J. Zajac [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Horizontal alliances as an alternative to autonomous production: product expansion mode choice in the worldwide aircraft industry 1945-2000
Bernard Garrette, Xavier Castañer, Pierre Dussauge [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stakeholder relations and the persistence of corporate financial performance
Jaepil Choi, Heli Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market orientation, marketing capabilities, and firm performance
Neil A. Morgan, Douglas W. Vorhies, Charlotte H. Mason [Publisher] [Google Scholar]