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Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 19(1)

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Journal of Marketing for Higher Education 

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Using Institutional Selection Factors to Develop Recruiting Profiles: Marketing Small, Private Colleges and Universities to Prospective Student Athletes
Gary R. Johnson; Colby Jubenville; Benjamin Goss [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Longitudinal Study of Changes in Marketing Practices at Private Christian Colleges
Brian A. Vander Schee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Education as Service: The Understanding of University Experience Through the Service Logic
Irene C. L. Ng; Jeannie Forbes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Higher Education Institutions: Satisfaction and Loyalty among International Students
Audhesh K. Paswan; Gopala Ganesh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Prospective Students’ Perceptions of University Brands: An Empirical Study
Roger Bennett; Rehnuma Ali-Choudhury [Publisher] [Google Scholar]