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International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 13(4)

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International Journal of Electronic Commerce 

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Introduction to the Special Section: Consumption, Influence, and Participation of Web Users
James Y. L. Thong, Guest Editor, Felix B. Tan, Guest Editor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Credibility of Electronic Word-of-Mouth: Informational and Normative Determinants of On-line Consumer Recommendations
Man Yee Cheung, Chuan Luo, Choon Ling Sia, et al. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Motivations in Open Source Software Communities: The Mediating Role of Effort Intensity and Goal Commitment
Weiling Ke, Ping Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Influence of Web Advertising Strategies, Consumer Goal-Directedness, and Consumer Involvement on Web Advertising Effectiveness
Kai Wang, Eric T. G. Wang, Cheng-Kiang Farn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attributes of Web Site Usability: A Study of Web Users with the Repertory Grid Technique
Lai Lai Tung, Yun Xu, Felix B. Tan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Image Effects and Rational Inattention in Internet-Based Selling
Dongwon Lee, Robert J. Kauffman, Mark E. Bergen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]