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European Journal of Marketing, 43(5/6)

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European Journal of Marketing 

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What makes a good article? Generating an insightful manuscript
Nick Lee, Gordon Greenley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relationship quality: a critical literature review and research agenda
Pinelopi Athanasopoulou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic branding of destinations: a framework
Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Value creation in supply chain relationships: a critique of governance value analysis
Trond Hammervoll [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Scales in services marketing research: a critique and way forward
Audrey Gilmore, Rosalind McMullan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technical efficiency in the retail food industry: The influence of inventory investment, wage levels, and age of the firm
Ricardo Sellers-Rubio, Francisco J. Más-Ruiz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analysing the effect of satisfaction and previous visits on tourist intentions to return
Joaquín Alegre, Magdalena Cladera [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does culture affect evaluation expressions?: A cross-cultural analysis of Chinese and American computer game reviews
Alex S.L. Tsang, Gerard Prendergast [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Store image attributes and customer satisfaction across different customer profiles within the supermarket sector in Greece
Prokopis K. Theodoridis, Kalliopi C. Chatzipanagiotou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why competitors matter for market orientation
Hans Eibe Sørensen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Including ambivalence as a basis for benefit segmentation: A study of convenience food in Norway
Svein Ottar Olsen, Nina Prebensen, Thomas A. Larsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The service-dominant perspective: a backward step?
John O’Shaughnessy, Nicholas Jackson O’Shaughnessy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Structure of marketing decision making and international marketing standardisation strategies
Henry F.L. Chung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The challenges of sharing: brands as club goods
Angela Tregear, Matthew Gorton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing performance measurement and firm performance: Evidence from the European high-technology sector
Don O’Sullivan, Andrew V. Abela, Mark Hutchinson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]