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Journal of Services Marketing, 23(3)

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Journal of Services Marketing 

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Satisfaction in technology-enabled service encounters
Suzanne C. Makarem, Susan M. Mudambi, Jeffrey S. Podoshen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pre-purchase decision-making for a complex service: retirement planning
Catherine Rickwood, Lesley White [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information transparency and digital privacy protection: are they mutually exclusive in the provision of e-services?
Humphry Hung, Y.H. Wong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service-to-service marketing: relationships between law firms and hospitals
Paul Sergius Koku [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

B2B services: linking service loyalty and brand equity
Papassapa Rauyruen, Kenneth E. Miller, Markus Groth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does “true” personal or service loyalty last? A longitudinal study
Liliana L. Bove, Lester W. Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service performance and procedural justice: the mediating roles of family life cycle and culture
William Nance, Darin White [Publisher] [Google Scholar]