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Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 22(3)

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Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 

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How probability theory explains the conjunction fallacy
Fintan J. Costello [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fallacies in probability judgments for conjunctions and disjunctions of everyday events
Fintan J. Costello [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The sunk-time effect: An exploration
Anton D. Navarro, Edmund Fantino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social influence on predictions of simulated stock prices
Maria Andersson, Ted Martin Hedesström, Tommy Gärling [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How do we evaluate future gambles? Experimental evidence on path dependency in risky intertemporal choice
Ayse Öncüler, Selcuk Onay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Decision anomalies, experimenter assumptions, and participants’ comprehension: Revaluating the uncertainty effect
Gideon Keren, Martijn C. Willemsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Complexity as a guide to understanding decision bias: A contribution to the favorite-longshot bias debate
Ming-Chien Sung, Johnnie Eric Victor Johnson, Itiel E. Dror [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Better safe than sorry: Precautionary reasoning and implied dominance in risky decisions
Michael L. DeKay, Dalia Patiño-Echeverri, Paul S. Fischbeck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

The construction of optimal stated choice experiments, theory and methods, (1st ed., 312 pp. hardback). By D. J. Street, & L. Burgess Hoboken: Wiley (2007). ISBN: 978-0-470-05332-4.
Alessio Ishizaka [Publisher]

Straight choices: The psychology of decision making, Benjamin R. Newell, David A. Lagnado and David R. Shanks, Hove, UK: Psychology Press, 2007. xii+252 pp.
Riccardo Pedersini [Publisher]