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International Marketing Review, 26(3)

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International Marketing Review 

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Modeling market orientation and organizational antecedents in a social marketing context: Evidence from China
Yanfeng Zhou, Paul Chao, Guang Huang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing in non-profit organizations: an international perspective
Sara Dolnicar, Katie Lazarevski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social marketing campaigns aimed at preventing drunk driving: A review and recommendations
Magdalena Cismaru, Anne M. Lavack, Evan Markewich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Overcoming skepticism towards cause related claims: the case of Norway
Sangeeta Singh, Lene Kristensen, Erika Villaseñor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Global branding and strategic CSR: an overview of three types of complexity
Michael Polonsky, Colin Jevons [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

International integration: a hope for a greener China?
Haitao Yin, Chunbo Ma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]