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International Journal of Advertising, 28(3)

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International Journal of Advertising 

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Editorial: The six principles of digital advertising
Charles R. Taylor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of product placement in computer games on brand attitude and recall
Thomas Mackay, Michael Ewing, Fiona Newton and Lydia Windisch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social influence model and electronic word of mouth: PC versus mobile internet
Shintaro Okazaki [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Electronic word of mouth (eWOM): how eWOM platforms influence consumer product judgement
Mira Lee and Seounmi Youn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer attitudes and interactive digital advertising
Julian Ming-Sung Cheng, Charles Blankson, Edward Shih-Tse Wang and Lily Shui-Lien Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The current practices in food advertising: the usage and effectiveness of different advertising claims
Kihan Kim, Yunjae Cheong and Lu Zheng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do stronger links with practice make perfect? A survey of advertising scholars
Federico de Gregorio and I-Huei Cheng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book reviews

Martin P. Block, Don E. Schultz & BIGresearch – Media Generations: Media Allocation in a Consumer-controlled Marketplace
Matthew Heath [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Neil Dawson (ed.) – Advertising Works 17: The Prize-winning Campaigns from the IPA Effectiveness Awards 2008
Patrick Collister [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ex Libris
Nick Andre [Publisher] [Google Scholar]