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Heiner Evanschitzky is looking for information on business school incentive schemes for publishing and publications

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Dear colleagues,

A recent JM paper has demonstrated that academic research actually helps MBA-programs (Mitra and Golder 2008). This calls for appropriate incentives for academic researchers. In light of that, the I am currently collecting information on incentive-schemes for publications implemented by business schools. Does your school incentivize publication? If so: how? I am most interested in the following:

  • How does the scheme work? (a bonus or an increase of the base salary?)
  • How high are the incentives? (Dollar amount per publication based on quality of journal?)
  • Who gets the bonus? (first author only, split between co-authors? How?)
  • Which journal ranking is used?
  • Is other research output also incentivized? (grand money, books, knowledge transfer, etc.?)

I would be grateful if you would share your positive and negative experiences with us. You may email me directly ( or post your answers on ELMAR.

Thank you very much for your help!


Heiner Evanschitzky
Professor of Marketing
Department of Marketing
University of Strathclyde
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