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Technovation, 29(8)

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From market sensing to new concept development in consultancies: The role of information processing and organizational capabilities
Stefan Heusinkveld, Jos Benders, Robert-Jan van den Berg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creating a market-oriented product innovation process: A contingency approach
Robert A.W. Kok, Wim G. Biemans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of quality of IS information and budget slack on innovation performance
Mei-Ling Yang, Andrew Ming-Long Wang, Kuo-Chih Cheng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are quality and innovation management conflicting activities?
Nuria López-Mielgo, José M. Montes-Peón, Camilo J. Vázquez-Ordás [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Geographical proximity and innovation: Evidences from the Campos Basin oil & gas industrial agglomeration—Brazil
Bruno dos Santos Silvestre, Paulo Roberto Tavares Dalcol [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technology sourcing and its determinants: A study of Basic Chemical industry in India
K. Narayanan, Savita Bhat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Erratum to “University researchers working with private companies” [Technovation 29 (2009) 142–153]
P. Craig Boardman, Branco L. Ponomariov [Publisher]