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Portuguese Journal of Marketing, 23

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The effect of matching brand-event on the brand remembering: the case of Louis Vuitton sponsorship of America’s Cup
Inés Küster Boluda, Natalia Vila López, Carmen Rodríguez Santos, Joaquín Aldás Manzano

Development of an advertising impact index: an empirical application in the measurement of advertisements’ different styles effectiveness in magazines
Josefa D. Martín Santana, Asunción Beerli Palacio, Gustavo Naranjo Maroto

Compatibility’s influence, the propensity to innovate and entertainment perceived in the decision to purchase using mobile phone
Enrique Bigné Alcañiz, Joaquín Aldás Manzano, Carla Ruiz Mafé, Silvia Sanz Blas

The regulatory systems of emotions in purchasing decisions: an experimental study with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
Mª Francisca Blasco López, Víctor Molero Ayala, Celso Arango

The influence of the fragance in the perception of the store
Mónica Gómez Suárez, Mercedes Rozano Suplet

Instinct and brand: the contribution of evolutionary psychology to the brand’s communication effectiveness
Vanesa Apaolaza Ibáñez, Patrick Hartmann, Patrick Vyncke