Innovation in the Global Marketplace


Special issue of Journal of International Marketing; Deadline 8 Feb 2010

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Journal of International Marketing
Innovation in the Global Marketplace

Innovation has become increasingly important to marketing academics and practitioners as firms operate in a larger number of markets and organic growth becomes the watchword in the executive suite. The specific goals of this special issue are to present new insights into the concepts of innovation, innovation management, and the innovation-customer linkage that are relevant to marketing scholars and practitioners concerned with the challenges of innovation in global markets.

This issue intends to extend the current understanding of innovation in the field of marketing. Manuscripts may be theoretical or empirical. This special issue seeks to publish leading research on innovation in global markets from the perspectives of strategy, modeling, and consumer behavior. A primary criterion for assessing fit with “Innovation in the Global Marketplace” is that manuscripts enhance the field of marketing’s understanding of innovation issues in the global context using rigorous theoretical and or empirical method.

Potential topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Product and service innovation challenges in the global marketplace
  • Employment of technology in innovation for enhancing global market effectiveness
  • Global and/or cross-national diffusion of innovations (product, service, and/or process)
  • Effectively coordinating innovation activities across borders
  • Process innovation for global marketing effectiveness
  • Globalizing organizational process innovations for enhancing marketing capabilities
  • Innovating markets for strategic global growth
  • Challenges to entrepreneurial innovation across markets
  • Cross-cultural or cross-national consumer responses to product and service innovations
  • Role of mergers and acquisitions in global innovation
  • Product- and service-innovation alignment with corporate sustainability efforts
  • Linkages among innovation, branding, and product line proliferation in global efforts

Deadline for Submission: February 8, 2010.

Submitted manuscripts should follow the format indicated in the submission guidelines at:

Manuscripts should be submitted at:

All manuscripts will be entered into the review process beginning February 9, 2010.

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