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Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 27(3)

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Marketing Intelligence & Planning 

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Global text project: new horizons in textbook marketing
Leyland F. Pitt, Deon Nel, Gene van Heerden, Anthony Chan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

University course selection and services marketing
Claire Brown, Peter Varley, John Pal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relationship marketing research (1994-2006): An academic literature review and classification
Kallol Das [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Green” segmentation: an application to the Portuguese consumer market
Arminda do Paço, Mário Raposo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The adoption of techno-relationship innovations: A framework for electronic customer relationship management
Kittipong Sophonthummapharn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Spotting the disguises and masquerades: Revisiting the boundary between editorial and advertising
Steve Dix, Ian Phau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cross-cultural communication and emotional intelligence: Inferences from case studies of gender diverse groups
Michael P. Lillis, Robert G. Tian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The dynamics and characteristics of buying centre networks: A qualitative study on Finnish firms
Pentti Järvi, Juha Munnukka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]